So your transmission is feeling a little funny? Maybe it’s making some new noises? That doesn’t always mean the worst.  Advanced transmission repair specializes in fixing or repairing transmissions.  What does that mean for you? Well, most shops don’t have the expertise or ability to repair the complex internals of the modern day automatic transmission so they may replace it with one that has been rebuilt elsewhere.  In fact we are a leading provider of rebuilt transmissions to many shops in the central Florida area. What we will do is take the time to actually diagnose your problem promptly and come up with a recommendation of what needs to be done.  In some instances lower cost alternatives are avalilable. Such as a proper transmission flush, computer reprogram, torque converter replacement or valve body replacement.  If you game your vehicle at another shop for transmission  repair, call us for a second opinion prior to authorizing any work.


Transmission Repair
Date Published: 05/01/2014
They fixed my transmission for cheap and very very fast
4.5 / 5 stars
Failing transmission doesn’t always mean a disaster