Maintaining your automatic transmission

Below are some simple steps to help extend the life of your automatic transmission.  Here at Advanced Transmission Repair we see all kinds of problems with automatic transmissions. Some are at no fault of the driver and some can be avoided. With proper care and maintenance you can extend the life of your automatic transmission and delay or prevent costly repairs or overhaul.



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Transmission Shops in Orlando Florida

We know that you have many businesses to choose from when you are looking for transmission shops in Orlando Florida and the Central Florida area. For example here is a quick Google map of most of them in the area:

transmission shops in orlando florida   There are over 10 transmission shops alone on this small map search for transmission shops Orlando Florida. And that doesn’t include the half a dozen or so that do not show up on Google Maps because of their lack of internet visibility.

The main thing you need to watch out for when shopping for a transmission shops in Orlando Florida is:

1. Is the person you are talking to seem knowledgeable? It’s very easy to tell when someone is trying to pull a fast one. If you smell smoke then there is probably fire.

2. Is the shop clean and well maintained? If they take enough pride to have a clean lounge, bathroom and work area – then chances are they are going to take similar care of your vehicle when left in their hands.  Here is a pic of our lounge on google maps: here

3. Does the shop invest in the latest technology and information? Vehicles today are not getting easier to work on. They now require very expensive computers to be able to access the diagnostic information. If a transmission shop is not investing in the needed tools and information, the chances of them fixing your vehicle is pretty low.

4. Do they have good reviews? When shopping for a transmission shop in Orlando Florida it isn’t hard to check out their reviews online. A reputable shop should have a large number of reviews if they have been in business long enough. Most of the reviews should of course be positive. If there are mostly negative reviews or no reviews, that may be a big red flag that this transmission shop may not perform that many repairs.

We pride ourselves on these 4 things and I think if you are looking for a transmission shop in Orlando Florida and you stop by, or give us a call, you will see why we have so many satisfied customers.

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Failing transmission doesn’t always mean a disaster



So your transmission is feeling a little funny? Maybe it’s making some new noises? That doesn’t always mean the worst.  Advanced transmission repair specializes in fixing or repairing transmissions.  What does that mean for you? Well, most shops don’t have the expertise or ability to repair the complex internals of the modern day automatic transmission so they may replace it with one that has been rebuilt elsewhere.  In fact we are a leading provider of rebuilt transmissions to many shops in the central Florida area. What we will do is take the time to actually diagnose your problem promptly and come up with a recommendation of what needs to be done.  In some instances lower cost alternatives are avalilable. Such as a proper transmission flush, computer reprogram, torque converter replacement or valve body replacement.  If you game your vehicle at another shop for transmission  repair, call us for a second opinion prior to authorizing any work.


Transmission Repair
Date Published: 05/01/2014
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